First Grade iPad Apps

It's great to be aware of the best iPad apps for your students, even if you don't have iPads in your classroom.  I didn't have any type of technology available at my previous school, but many of my students had personal iPads at home.  Knowing what types of apps and resources were available allowed me to recommend apps to parents whose children needed extra help in different areas.

Now that I do have iPads in my classroom this year, I've had to double down on my searches for the best, the most effective, (and FREE) apps for my students.

Upcoming posts will list descriptions and links to some of my favorite iPad apps.  Most of them are free, but I have upgraded to the full, paid versions of many of them, since my kids (and I) liked them so much.  Stay tuned!

*Update: click on the label #iPads on the right for all my posts on iPad apps!

Top Row Left: Sentence Builder Free FREE: My kids love this one. 
Top Row Middle: Pocket Phonics Lite FREE: (However, I HIGHLY recommend buying the full version.)
Top Row Right: Brain Pop, Jr.  FREEYou have to pay for access to all videos, but the Movie of the Week is free!

2nd Row Left: Spelling City FREE: My kids use this app to take their spelling test each Friday.  
2nd Row Middle: Bluster  This one is FREE, and AWESOME.  
2nd Row Right: Opposites This one is only $0.99 . . That's not even one-fourth of a Starbucks vanilla latte.  

3rd Row Left: Word Girl It's $1.99, but my kids love, love, love this one.  
3rd Row Middle: Irregular Verbs FREE
3rd Row Right: Chicktionary FREE

4th Row Left: Grammar Wonderland Primary Lite: FREE
4th Row Middle: Grammar Wonderland Elementary Lite: FREE
4th Row Right: Fizzy's Lunch Lab: FREE