Flower Bouquet Bulletin Board

This is quickly turning into my favorite bulletin board!


I put up this bulletin board for Open House (Catholic schools have their Open House in January instead of at the end of the year like public schools) and all of my parents LOVED it. This will definitely be a staple in my bulletin board repertoire going forward!  And compared to other bulletin board projects I've done, this one was pretty simple to execute!

I used a template for the flower petals (click here to download) and copied them onto sheets of colorful construction paper.  Since only four petals fit on a page, you'll need to cut some of the sheets in half.  And be mindful of whatever color your bulletin board backing is, because you won't want to copy any petals on that color.  I wasn't thinking about that when I let some kids choose dark blue petals, but luckily some flowers had to extend beyond the bulletin board onto the wall, so the dark blue flowers just went there instead.  

There is also a template for the center circles, which can be copied onto dark brown construction paper.  (Full disclosure: I used my Cricut to make the 3.25" diameter circles.  I knew if my kids were to cut them out on their own, those circles would look more like octogans.)  I had the kids draw horizontal lines dividing the circles in half, but I made the templates with those lines pre-drawn in.  If you have the kids draw a dot in the center of that line, all of the petal points can meet at that point when they glue them down. 

This is important though: don't let the kids write on the petals until after they've all been glued onto the center circle, because otherwise half the words will be upside down on the finished product.  

I had my students write down things that they were thankful to God for (hello, Catholic school!) but you could use this project for kids to write just about anything!