Favorite iPad Apps: Pocket Phonics

As promised, here is the first of many blog posts to come on my favorite iPad apps.  This is probably my number one favorite iPad app for first grade, especially for the first months of school.  Pocket Phonics teaches kids to sound out words, letter by letter, sound by sound.  It also makes students trace the words while sounding them out, building muscle memory along with the listening.  It's awesome.  I've listed the Common Core State Standards that it addresses, so you can include them in your lesson plans if you plan on using Pocket Phonics in reading centers. 

You can try the Lite version first, which gives you 6 consonants, and then decide if you want to pay the $2.99 for the full version.  Especially when you consider that you only need to pay the $2.99 once, and then it'll download onto your entire class set of iPads (as long as they're all registered under your same iTunes account).  Trust me.  You're going to love it.