Syncing Your Classroom iPads

I am extremely blessed to have a set of 10 iPads for my classroom.  It would be an enormous chore (and expense) downloading apps onto each individual iPad if they weren't all synced to the same iTunes account. Here's how to sync your class set of iPads, and make downloading apps onto each one a cinch. 

First, go to your Settings icon.

Next, once in Settings, scroll down to iTunes & App Store.  There, check yes for Apps under Automatic Downloads. 

You can check Automatic Downloads for Music, Books, and Updates as well, however the music (unfortunately) is only an automatic download if you purchased it through iTunes. If you've put music from a CD into iTunes on your computer, you have to manually connect each iPad to your computer to put that music on each one. This was a huge bummer for me when I put all of my read-along CDs onto each iPad. It took forrrrreeevvvvvverrrr! (Cue Sandlot voice-over.)

Do these steps for every one of your class iPads.  As long as all of your class iPads are registered under the same iTunes account (the same email address), you now only have to pay for and download an app on one iPad.  The rest of your iPads will then automatically begin downloading that same app.  It's as easy as that!