Word Walls

I'm embarrassed to say that I am just now putting up a word wall.  I've been using pocket charts to show the words we're currently working on, and the kids have their Word Journals (new post on Word Journals coming soon!) in their desks to use when writing, but I realize it's not the same as seeing the words on display. 

I ordered the entire set of Really Good Stuff sight word rings to use for my Word Wall (see below), but I'm worrying now that the colors just don't look that good when they're all so close together. But I paid a fortune for these suckers, so I'm making them work! 

I put contact paper over the cabinet doors after I taped the words up so I could slide the doors open without destroying everything. It's getting bubbles underneath though, which is annoying me.  If anyone has any tips for using contact paper, let me know!! More pictures to come as soon as I finish. Hopefully by Monday evening I'll have everything complete!