Where's my blog design????

Ahhh!  What happened to my beautiful blog design?  To all my new friends from the Southern California Kindergarten Conference, this is not what my blog is supposed to look like!  This blog feels just like my first graders sometimes - I can't turn my back on you for more than seven seconds without something going awry!  Time to call in the big guns at the Cutest Blog on the Block to see if they can fix it . . .

UPDATE: The Cutest Blog on the Block website seems to be having the same problem as mine!  That can't be a coincidence.  (Unfortunately I know nothing about writing code for blog designs, so I have no idea how the two events could be connected.)  Hopefully when they fix theirs, however, it will (positively) affect mine as well.  

53 Ways to Check for Understanding

Here is a link to an amazing list of strategies for checking for understanding from Edutopia.  Before today I had only been reading Edutopia articles as they popped up in my Twitter feed, but just now I finally registered to go onto the site and explore all of their resources/articles.  (I don't know why websites like this make you "register" just to read their articles.  Especially when all I did was enter my name and email, check the box that says "teacher," and create a password.  Imagine me making my annoyed face here.)  Petty annoyances aside, there are a lot of great resources on Edutopia that I look forward to reading - if I can just remember which of my passwords I chose when I registered.

Telling Time Printables: Now Updated!

Hi, friends!  I've updated my Telling Time Printables!  I've added 25 more pages, which includes several math journal prompts, and additional practice pages for each skill: telling time to the hour, to the half-hour, to the quarter-hour, and to five-minute intervals.  Go to Teachers Pay Teachers here to download my preview freebie!  Each page includes the Common Core standard(s) it addresses in the top right corner.  

(Any of these pages can be used in your students' math journals.  If you're using composition books, just print the page you want to use at 75% before copying, and it should fit perfectly!)