Teachers' Back to School To-Do Lists

I know these types of Back-to-School lists are very different for every teacher, depending on the type of school you teach at, your grade level, your classroom configuration . . . I could go on and on.  But these are MY Back-to-School To-Do Lists, which hopefully will help you to create your own (or perhaps remind you of something you'd forgotten)!

Go Shopping:
✏︎ Composition books in specific colors (green for math, yellow for spelling) from Target ($0.50 apiece)
✏︎ Student Work folders (from whichever office supply store has them on sale the cheapest)
✏︎ Primary Writing Journals from Dollar Tree ($1.00 apiece)
✏︎ Extra boxes of Crayola Crayons and Glue Sticks (because we always need extra)
✏︎ Rolls of fadeless bulletin board paper from Lakeshore
✏︎ Rolls of corrugated borders from Lakeshore
✏︎ Name plates for desks
✏︎ New birthday poster & "Who lost a tooth?" poster
✏︎ ALL THE THINGS in the Target Dollar Spot 😉
✏︎ Stress balls for students who may need help calming themselves down
(I usually also buy myself a new set of colorful Sharpies, and a new box of my favorite pens, regardless of how many I have stashed in a tub in my classroom already.  Just because it makes me happy.) 

Once I Have My Roster:
★ Update class website with students' birthdays
★ Write names on Birthday Poster
★ Pre-Write names on Happy Birthday certificates (keep in a page protector and hang next to
     Birthday poster)
★ Create Star of the Week calendar/schedule
★ Update class website with students' Star of the Week date
★ Update ClassDojo with new class
★ Create/look up student accounts for online programs:
          - Spelling City
          - Read Theory
          - Accelerated Reader (AR)
          - Mathletics
★ Create labels for workbooks and journals:
          - Writing Journals
          - Math Journals
          - Spelling Journals
          - Math Workbook
          - Handwriting Workbook
          - ELA Workbook
★ Create labels for filing tabs (for completed work bin)
★ Write names on desk name plates
★ Write names on die-cuts for Welcome Back bulletin board
★ Create new Class Jobs board with student names
★ Print and laminate website password cards
★ Create student supplies checklist for first day of school

More Getting Ready:
✓ Prepare Math Journals:
        Pre-number pages
        Affix ruler tape to cover
✓ Prepare Spelling Journals:
        Stamp top corners of pages with letter stamps
        Cut dividers from card stock, glue inside

Classroom Set Up & Decoration
✓ Plan theme/color scheme
✓ Put up bulletin board paper and borders
         ✜ Star of the Week 
         ✜ Calendar
         ✜ Welcome Back to School
         ✜ Religion
✓ Arrange desks and tables depending on class size
✓ Clean tops and insides of desks
✓ Number desks with Sharpie Paint Pens
✓ Pull textbooks out of cabinet, lay on corresponding numbered desk
✓ Hang bunting banners across windows
✓ Hang "Lost a Tooth" & Happy Birthday poster
✓ Prep classwork folders with highlighters (see my post HERE on how I do this)

Get My Personal Life in Order:
♡ Drop of dry-cleaning for first week of school
♡ Plan outfits for first week of school
♡ Get car washed (it makes me feel like I have my act together, regardless if it's true or not)
♡ Make hair appointment (for those of us who have let our highlights grow out over the summer and
     need our roots touched up) 😊
♡ Reload Starbucks app (so there are no delays in getting your morning coffee)

This is what I have so far, although I'm quite sure I will be revisiting these lists to add things as I think of them.  Include things you believe I need to include in the comments section below!